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Employee of the Month

Ron has been in the ICI family for 40 years. While Ron is really a “jack of all trades”, he heads up our Wastewater Treatment Operations, maintains plating bath chemistries, and is responsible for the local and State compliance monitoring.

Ron enjoys working at ICI because he “likes working with good people and solving problems as efficiently as possible”. Ron and his wife Michelle have been married for 15 years. Ron has 2 daughters, Kelli & Melissa. Ron enjoys spending precious time with his 3 grandchildren, art walks, walking on Topeka’s many trails, and Jayhawk basketball!!  ROCK CHALK!!


Tommy joined the ICI family in April of 2008, and works in hard chrome plating doing whatever needs to be done (and whatever he is asked to do)! If you ask him, he’s a “super fantastic fellow”. Tommy has 1 daughter and no grandchildren (that he knows of) yet! In his spare time, Tommy enjoys fishing, camping, gardening, playing poker, and shooting sling shots.


Greg began working as a temp in the Machine Shop at ICI in November 2013, and joined the ICI family in February of 2014. Greg is the CDL driver at ICI, and has been since June 2014. Greg has 3 children; 2 Daughters; Heather, 21 & Holly, 18, and a son; Greg, 15. When he’s not at work, Greg studies Tae-Kwon-Do, likes riding his motorcycle, and enjoys spending time with his friends.



Eric joined the ICI family in July of 2013 in the shipping and receiving department. When he’s not working hard here at ICI, Eric enjoys spending time with his family, drinking with friends, and playing video games. Eric has two God-daughters; Leah (8) and Kenzie (4); who he lovingly refers to as his “munchkins”. While he may think he is boring, he loves spending time watching Disney movies with his munchkins and cheering them on at their softball games! He also likes spending time with his adorable cat, Peekaboo.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!


Jeff Lewis 

Jeff has been with our ICI family for almost 14 years (on St. Patty’s Day), and has always been a machinist. Jeff was the 3rd shift Machine Shop Supervisor, but is now a Lead Machinist on the 1st shift. Jeff and his wife, Barbara, have been married nearly 10 years. They have 2 beautiful daughters: Kinsley – 8, and Rebecca – 3!

In what little spare time he has, Jeff really enjoys riding his bike and hunting.


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