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After a recent audit, we have been granted a 3-year continuation of ISO 9001:2008 certification. We'd like to thank everyone for their hard work in making this possible for ICI!



In April 2011, ICI achieved a milestone in company history, and a strategic objective for the fiscal year -- completing the ISO 9001 registration and certification process. "For years, we have been quality certified by several of our largest customers (some of the largest manufacturers in the world). Nevertheless, going through the formal process to become an ISO certified organization was strategically important to us as a company, and where we want to take the company in the future," remarked Ellis Needham, President/CEO. "Going through this process has made us a better organization, and long-term benefits will be realized by our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and our stockholders."

Jackie Needham, Manager, Quality, said, "After our first few internal audits, we found that we were already 90% of the way to where we needed to be...but we needed a team effort to achieve that last 10%. Our employees and management team stepped up. We have a great team of people here at ICI; people who care - about quality, about each other, and about the company. They take pride in what they do and the parts they produce." She went on to say, "We have an ISO certificate on the wall, and that is important. But, it is merely a reflection of our people and our commitment to each other. Most importantly, we have people who are committed to giving our customers what they want, at a fair price; and constantly searching for ways to improve our processes."

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