ICI Manufacturing (ICI Mfg. USA) is a small business centrally located in Topeka, Kansas USA, with approximately 100,000 SF of production space and employing on average between 75 and 100 people. We produce over 7000 active part numbers, of all shapes and sizes, destined for assembly plants across the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe.

Partial Equipment List

(1) 10,000 SF raw material warehouse stocked with many diameters of solid rounds, square rounds, flats, tubing, sheet and plate

(3) Hyd-Mech Saws, capable of cutting up to 14" x 14" solid shape material, tubing or bundles

(1) Scotchman Saw, ideal for small dimension round and square rod, and small OD tubing

(2) Trumpf CO2 Lasers, capable of cutting carbon steel sheet and plate up to 1.25", stainless steel up to .75", and aluminum sheet and plate up to .625"

(2) Tocco Induction Hardening Lines, capable of induction hardening up to 6" diameter bar stock

(8) Horizontal Machining Centers, chuck loading, capable of turning up to 13" diameter stock

(5) Horizontal Machining Centers, bar feed loading, capable of turning up to 2.5" diameter stock

(7) Vertical Machining Centers, with XYZ travel capabilities up to 40x,36y, 28z

(3) Centerless Grinders

(2) Cylindrical Grinders

(2) Trumpf Press Brakes, 90 and 130 ton, capable of bending up to 120" wide, 40" deep

(2) Sheet/Plate Rollers, capable of bending up to .500" plate up to 60" wide

(2) Tubing/Pipe Benders, capable of bending round or rectangular tubing up to 3" x 3"

(1) Panasonic Robotic Welder

(4) Welding Stations