ICI Mfg is a trusted supplier of thousands of part numbers for many of the largest Construction equipment manufacturers, shipping these parts all over the world. From very small brackets and spacers, to pistons, piston rods, hubs and kingpins -- to very large fabrications such as blades, buckets, or other assemblies such as safety rails and steps.

Today's Construction equipment manufacturers are competing globally and therefore being pressured to deliver more features than ever, without sacrificing quality and, all the while, holding the line on costs. At ICI Mfg we understand these dynamics, and the critical role which component suppliers occupy in relation to equipment assembly plants meeting their delivery and cost objectives. Component parts must be delivered on time, just-in-time, and must always meet the manufacturer's quality standards. Assembly plants cannot operate efficiently without parts or without quality parts.

ICI Mfg produces in small batches with a short-term warehouse, not only in order to provide JIT delivery but also to allow quick adjustments to changing demands.