ICI Manufacturing (ICI Mfg.) today is primarily a component part supplier, producing thousands of individual part numbers, for some of the world' largest original equipment manufacturers (OEM's). ICI Mfg. ships parts to more than a dozen US assembly plants, as well as assembly plants in Canada, Central America, South America, and Europe. ICI Mfg. supplies small batches of parts, just in time, to assembly plants that end up on tractors of all sizes, harvesters, planters, sprayers, dozers, skid loaders, track loaders, front loaders, back hoes, pipe layers, rail lifters, track layers, hotboxes, aircraft tugs, aircraft sprayers, fire engines, dental chairs, articulating hospital beds, electronics racks, and on and on.

ICI Mfg. has the privilege of working with some of the most innovative and forward thinking companies in the world in a supply-chain that extends from the consumer of these various aforementioned products to the OEM's, to us, to our material and chemistry suppliers, to the steel mills and petro-chemical companies, to the mining companies that produce the oil, ore and various minerals needed for the raw materials we use to make the equipment our customers assemble, for consumers and end-users who use the equipment to plant, spray, harvest, dig, grade, lay pipe, lay track, transport, drill, mine, prepare food, heal the sick, and on and on. 

In addition to producing component parts or assemblies to customer drawings, ICI Mfg. also provides value-added services to other manufacturers. These services include rapid prototyping, material hardening and heat treating, functional or hard chrome plating, decorative chrome plating, zinc plating, anodizing, black oxidizing, and powder coating. ICI Mfg. is a trusted service provider to many other regional and national fabricators and manufacturers who don't have all these services in-house.